Sunday, 12 June 2016

Day 4 - Bordeaux to Lyon

Day 4 

Miles travelled - 345

French word of the day - Crepe (Pancake......... or is it a Crepe? Anyway, it's what I had for my lunch) 

Will keep it brief today. Still a little drained to be honest after yesterday, which really was as good as it gets. 

So today was a stunning drive across France, from Bordeaux to Lyon, past the Chaine des Puys, a collection of volcanic mountains which gave some superb views. 

Comedic highlight was my father choosing to pay a 10 euro toll with a 50 euro note, and then getting paid his change entirely in coins, and promptly dropping half of it out of the car window. The Spanish couple in the car behind, who had to wait for two minutes whilst he scrabbled round on the floor after it, found it hilarious. Or perhaps they'd clocked the GB sticker on the car and thought we might hurl some patio furniture at them if they didn't laugh. 

Decent hotel with a pool in Lyon for the next four nights. We're based opposite a camping site where there are lots of fans from different countries including English and Belgiums who all seem to be getting on and having a great time. Not sure that will make the pages of the Daily Mail mind. 

Belgium V Italy tomorrow. The first International I've attended as a neutral since watching Colombia Vs Morocco at the Nou Camp in 2006. Now there was a clash of cultures.

Off to sleep now. Still dreaming of Hal. 

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